Thursday, 16 October 2008

Catching up with Chris

It is a particularly beautiful autumn here in Cambridge. We deserve it too, after the stinking summer we had.

I spoke to my old friend Chris Riddell today. The last time I spoke to him he was just getting back from the Us where he's been on tour with Paul Stewart, and I was about to set off to Brazil. Gosh - what jet setters we've become.

We had our usual catch up. Chris was asking what I was up to and how things were going - to which I answered that I was tweaking Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's Mouth and writing Ghosts. We had a brief chat about Payne's Grey going fortnightly (booo!) and strips in general. I have been telling Chris - truthfully - that I have been looking at new strip ideas for about two years now. Somehow I never take them to a finished state.

Chris - as usual - seemed to be up to half a dozen things at once. He has his very successful partnership with Paul to maintain, bringing their Edge Chronicles cycle to a close (and working on whatever is to follow), as well as getting on with the Barnaby Grimes books.

But of course Chris has a very successful solo career as both writer and illustrator with his Ottaline books and his award-winning illustrated books with Walker. And that's not to mention his weekly cartoons on The Observer. I often wonder whether there is more than one of him.

Anyway - I might pop in and see him (and Dave Simonds) at the Observer tomorrow

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