Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Back at Barra

It was very frustrating to have such a short time in the Botanical Gardens yesterday. The beaches here are incredible, but it is the nature here that I find really fascinating. There are plants growing wild in the streets that would be in a a hot house in England. I would love to have a chance to walk up into the rain forest that comes into Rio. Maybe I will yet. If not, I'll have to behave myself and hope I am invited back.

Today I am back at the Barra site. I am seeing another four groups (one of which seems to have 40 children in it - so that ought to be interesting!). I am talking about historical fiction, mystery writing and horror writing, using The White Rider, Redwulf's Curse and Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror respectively). It is a lovely sunny morning, though Viviane tells me it may rain later.

Tomorrow I am back at the Urca site at the base of Sugar Loaf, and Mimi Liang is going to take me up to the top. You get there in two stages, by cable car. I have a fear of heights, so it is going to be an interesting trip in more than one way, as I may disgrace myself by collapsing into a foetal position and gibbering.

I forgot to mention that they are doing a really great activity here for book week. It is called DEAR - standing for Drop Everything And Read. At break time, Viviane wanders round the school with a whistle and when she blows it, the children have to drop what they are doing, pick up a book and read. It is such a brilliant idea and not one I have ever knowingly come across before.

I also forgot to mention that the other person who turned up at the Livraria de Travesso launch of Contos de Terror do Tio Montague, was Frini Georgakopoulos, the journalist who sent me the Q&A I mentioned several posts back. It was great to meet her and she was so enthusiastic.


  1. I could finally visit the 'Tales of Terror' website. I is great!
    I am pretty sure that the kids will ask about you tomorrow, so I'll tell them to visit the blog and the book website. :-)

    Thank you for such great time!

  2. *Where I wrote: "I is great", I meant: "IT is great"* :-D

  3. See? I told you the weather would improve :)

    It was great meeting you too. Do post about the topics you're discussing with the students! I'd love to know more about writing mistery and horror.


  4. Thanks Viviane. I didn't realise you had a website for the library. That's great. Let's keep in touch.

    And maybe I should put some of the things I talked about with the children up on the blog Frini.