Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The yawn of the new

Damien Hirst has been upset by Robert Hughes' comments. Hughes was a Luddite, he said. Hmm. Perhaps he wants to say that Hughes hates anything Modern. This is patent nonsense given that Hughes has been a great explainer of the Modern and though he (quite understandably) has a passion for Goya, he is not a man who is frightened of the contemporary.

He's not scared of Damien Hirst or baffled by him, or troubled or intimidated by him. He just thinks he's not very important (other than in a sociological way- is this what art has become now - anything produced by someone who says he is an artist). The prices Hirst's work command are no indication of merit. It's art for people who don't really like art - or at least don't really trust art. Anyone can understand a Hirst. It's simple.

The money is important to him because that is the only way he can compete with artists of any standing. The price is everything. If you have to resort to covering your 'work' with diamonds it really says it all (though even that notion was not his own).

Real art is the diamond. It doesn't need bling to get attention.

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