Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Sugar loaf and sugar rum

I am writing this on a school computer with a 'd' that sticks, so I will try and use that letter as little as possible!

Yesterday I went to the Urca site of the British School. The library there must have one of the best views of any school library in the world, looking across the bay towards the Cristo standing on top of the mountain. It was a much sunnier day in Rio but I had not brought my camera into school - not realising I might have something to take a picture of. I am back at that site on Thursday so I will take a picture then.

I spoke to four different groups of children who were all very attentive. I talked about how I came to write, how I write and how they might improve their approach to their own writing. I read some of my work and then we had questions - though time was pretty short. It was all a bit exhausting, but it's a great school.

At the end of the day the librarians took me over to restaurant called Tiramasu in a shopping mall with another spectacular view looking back towards the Urca site, which sits at the foot of Sugar Loaf. We had some tapas-type things and I had a fruit juice of pineapple and mint. Absolutely fantastic flavour. And it somehow got me in the mood to have my second caipirinha (lemon/lime and sugar rum) of my trip.

I met the librarians from other sites - including Viviane Silva who is the librarian here at Barra - pronounced Bar-Har - where I am today. I also met a storyteller from the US called Priscilla Howe. She lives in Kansas - though she's originally from Long Island if memory serves. She was very nice with a lovely voice. I hope I get to hear her tell a story, but I don't think we'll ever be at the same site at the same time.

Viviane took me on a tour of the school here and while we were going round my mobile went and it was the company we rent our house from in Cambridge talking about fixing a drawer in my kitchen - which was a little surreal.

I did my sessions - mainly centred around my book Billy Wizard - and then went with Mimi to the Botanical Gardens, which were beautiful and I only wish I'd had more time to enjoy them. I could have easily spent the day there. Incredible trees and lots of bird life. It has been overcast and not especially warm today, but I hear it might be better tomorrow.

I'm back at the Barra site tomorrow.

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  1. I'm so glad you're getting to enjoy a bit of Rio. See, I told you'd manage it. :) Have a great time.