Wednesday, 17 September 2008


I tried to write more of the 'inspiration for the stories' stuff I had promised to give Adrian for the Tales of Terror from the Black Ship. When they are in a more coherent form I'll put them on the blog. And I've reached the end of Ghosts.

By that I don't that I have finished - I mean I've just reached the end. I have skipped a lot of stuff and simply written whatever has come most readily to me. I don't always write like this, but I am trying to get the bulk of the book roughed out before I go to Rio and so I am just writing those parts that I see most vividly. Then I will go back through and link them together.

I wanted to have the whole shape of the book there waiting for me when I got back - regardless of holes. Then it becomes about fleshing out the characters and making the thing come to life. This kind of book - mystery/suspense/thriller/chiller - is all about the release of information. The sequence of events and the speed of the narrative is crucial. Sometimes you want to hold the reader back, sometimes you want to send them hurtling down a dimly lit corridor.

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