Friday, 26 September 2008


Here I am sitting in the Yotel - that is such a terrible name - in Heathrow terminal 4. I have an early flight to Rio - via Madrid - tomorrow. The Yotel room is like something from a space station - or a kind of 70s vision of a space station. It has a bed that changes from a seat to a bed at the touch of a silver button (I hope). But what if I hit that button in my sleep? Will I get scooped up?

I'm already exhausted. The tube trip alone from King's Cross to Heathrow took over an hour, and we were all booted off at one point because there was 'something wrong with the radio' on the tube we were on. It wasn't a great start.

Now I need to sleep. I have a 5am start tomorrow and a day of travelling ahead.

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