Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Contos de Terror do Tio Montague

An enormous jiffy bag full of paperbacks of Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror arrived today. I love boxes/bags of books. I am looking forward to seeing the various translated versions of Uncle Monty. So far I have only seen the US and Spanish Latin American editions.

The Rocco edition I will be promoting in Rio is called Contos de Terror do Tio Montague. I will be signing copies at 4 pm on Sunday 28 September at the Livraria da Travessa in Ipanema. I have looked on the bookshops website, and there I am!


  1. are you the real chris priestley or are you just a ppl to honor chris with a nice blog?

  2. It is a lovely idea that someone would honour me with a blog, but sadly I have had to do the blogging myself. This is the real me.