Wednesday, 3 September 2008

And speaking of Ray Bradbury

I went into the studio today for the first time in ages. John Clark was at his desk putting in a bit of work on his website before going to work. When it is up and going I'll put a link.

I had my laptop with me today and experimented with the notion of writing at the studio instead of at home in my office. It felt a bit weird - and a bit uncomfortable given the ridiculous chair I sit on there - but I got a lot done and that's the main thing.

And speaking of Ray Bradbury as I was the other day, I thought I would mention Dave McKean's illustrated version of Bradbury's The Homecoming. It's a lovely little book, hardback with a dust jacket and is another of those Bradbury stories with a child protagonist. Not a children's book, but something that an older child would find fascinating I think.

The illustrations are in McKean's drawn style in the Coraline mould, rather than his photo-montage and collage work. Great stuff.

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