Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Soggy, grey and miserable

Another frustrating day. We seem destined not to get our last minute holiday booked. In desperation we even tried a travel agent today in the hope that he may have some secret deals we could not access, but he said that they had never been busier as the whole of the UK try to escape this soggy, grey, and miserable island for sunnier parts. There were no deals left to be had unless we were interested in going to the Costa del Sol. And we aren't.

Joad Raymond came round to collect his son from a sleepover and we had a long chat over a cup of coffee. He was telling us that he has booked himself in to run the Istanbul Marathon - an intercontinental marathon that crosses from Europe to Asia. He ran 22 miles on Sunday. I'm not sure I could run 2.

But I have been thinking of taking up running in a bid to get back to my fighting weight. I shall be picking Joad's brains if I do. He has already told me about a shop in Cambridge where they fit you with running shoes after examining your running technique. When they see my running technique they may simple refuse to serve me.

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