Sunday, 31 August 2008

Mortal engines

I had an email from Merche Clark last Thursday. Merche is John Clark's sister and I will be staying with her when I go to Rio. In fact it was she who set that whole trip in motion. My attempts to email her always end with the message bounced straight back. I had to reply using John as a go-between.

I saw John and Judith on Saturday night. It was Judith's birthday the other day, close to mine, and she invited us over to celebratewith mutual friends. The conversation was very middle-class and middle aged, with much moaning about house prices, the economy, the state of education etc etc.

John thanked me for recommending Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines books. He and his son had really enjoyed them. They are wonderful books and I heartily recommend them to anyone reading this blog. They are brilliantly realised fantasy books, packed full of great scenes and vividly drawn characters. I doubted that Reeve would be able to sustain the level of intensity over the course of the series, but he really does. He knows that world inside out and he really cares about his characters. John rightly said they deserved to be filmed.

What great movies they'd make in the right hands.

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