Monday, 4 August 2008

All that you know is at an end. . .

The phone rang today and when I put it to my ear a fog horn bellowed out and there may have been the sound of gulls and a voice said 'This is your captain speaking. . .' It was a little disconcerting. It went on to tell me that I had free tickets waiting for me if I just answered a few questions. The first one was going to be 'Are you a gullible sap?' presumably, but I put the phone down before I found out.

A couple of weeks ago my son stuck his head through the doorway to my office and announced in a solemn voice, 'All that you know is at an end.' Again - this was a little disconcerting given that I am specialising in spooky children at the moment. Then I remembered that we'd been watching 'Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer' and the Silver One delivers that particular line in the movie.

I have been meaning to show some more of Susan Harvey's work on the blog. So here it is. The link will take you to her Flickr site but if you are just too lazy to bother, here are a couple of examples. Her work will be featured in the mixed show at Cambridge Contemporary Art in Trinity Street here in Cambridge. The show started on Saturday and runs for a couple of months. I popped in today and so far her stuff was not on the walls. But it will be at some point.

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