Saturday, 19 July 2008

Time to move on

The school year is winding down here. Private schools have already broken up, but the state school are still going, if only for a couple more days. We have had the end of year production of Grease, with 11 year-olds looking frighteningly like teenagers in their faux leather jackets and a sports day under glowering skies.

It is a right of passage for children and parents alike. Some have sibling further down the school and so the parents will retain their contact with the primary school. For the rest of us, it is the end of an era of parental involvement. No more standing in the playground chatting to other parents. We have only been in Cambridge for two years, but we have been very lucky making friends with other parents; friendships that will definitely survive the upheaval of changing schools. Some parents and children are leaving Cambridge, but likewise, I hope our friendships will survive regardless.

For me it is the end of teaching the Art Club I run. I won't miss the shouty person I so often became in my attempts to control things, but I will miss some very talented children. I have been a parent helper, been involved in the PTA, run a creative writing club, been a governor (and briefly chair of governors), visited his schools as an author and illustrator and run the art club. I've done my bit, I think. Time to move on.

So, just the music concert on Monday and the leaver's assembly on Tuesday and then that's it until September. . .

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