Tuesday, 22 July 2008

End of term

My son played piano at his school concert yesterday after refusing to practice sufficiently. He played his piece beautifully, undermining the speech I had intended to give about the consequences of not listening to your parents. Children are so annoying.

He also received his SATs results and despite refusing to accept any help from his parents and do any real work for them, he did very well - making my speech about the importance of preparation utterly redundant. Children are so annoying.

I went to the studio later and did a bit of painting. For once I actually liked what I did. I liked one painting so much I almost decided it was finished and was going to bring it home. But then I looked at it again and thought that maybe I had become a little giddy. Maybe it needed just a bit more work. . .

And today it was the last day of term and the last day of primary school for my son, a fact we celebrated with a trip to the movies to see Wall-E, which was OK (though not as amazing as reviews had suggested). The look of the film while they were on the rubbish strewn Earth was great, but it went rapidly downhill when it reached the spaceship full of inflatable humans.

Pixar can do rust and chrome and grass and fur and dust and smoke and laser beams, but they can't do flesh. Give me Jungle Book-era Disney any day.

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