Monday, 7 July 2008

A bit of a blur

An absolutely crazy day today. My son and I seemed to be cycling all over town in downpour after downpour. He had his induction day for his new school today and we cycled over to register him for that. Then I had to cycle back in a thunderstorm and pick him up and we cycled over to the Kirkham's house where Lisa kindly gave us toasted teacakes and the children hung out together before we got back on our bikes and headed off to his Grade 3 piano exam.

After the exam - when at least it had stopped raining - we cycled back into the centre of Cambridge to meet my wife and we all ate out before heading back to the school for the parents' bit of the induction where we were shown a video of children saying how much they liked the school and then we all got to ask questions. It was exhausting and must have been doubly so for my son who had also had the stress of being thrown into a new environment with lots of new people.

Inevitably it all brings back memories of starting secondary school in Newcastle-upon-Tyne many, many years ago (the same school, weirdly as Peter Kirkham, though not at the same time), and not many of those memories are happy ones. Having had a very good early school experience with very good teachers, I found school from eleven onward a bit of a shock to the system. I think I only ever felt really in control in the art room or when I was writing stories. Everything else was a bit of a blur.

Not much has changed actually.

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