Friday, 20 June 2008

John was in the studio again today. At one point, so was Lynette. Had Andrew turned up we'd have been a full house and I can't remember the last time that happened.

I went for another work-displacement coffee with John. This time the conversation turned to violence in cinema and games and whether it has an effect on the viewer and what that effect might be, particularly in relation to children - and to our children in particular. I always have a tendency to adopt a stance in conversations like these, but I often come away wondering whether I was talking utter nonsense.

I tend to talk as though everything is black and white, when that isn't how I perceive the world at all. I certainly don't think I have a special insight. I sometimes think I might have a special insight into my own personal lack of insight.

I am continually wracked by doubt, but I have always thought that a good thing (though not an especially pleasurable one). I think more novels and paintings are produced by doubt rather than certainty.

And I was still thinking this as I cucled home to get back to my book.

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