Tuesday, 10 June 2008

I hate flies 2

It turns out that the shooting and the canoeing/drinking are on different days. Shame. That's not nearly as amusing. In any case I don't seem to be able to make either date.

I tried to do some work on colour with the kids in Art Club today. We did primary and secondary colours and looked at the colourwheel. I got home to discover my flies had been open the whole time. I hate flies.

I had an email from Doodled Books saying that the books I'd doodled in had arrived OK and that they liked them. I actually found it harder than I thought it would be to doodle in the books. I didn't want to start illustrating them. David Roberts has already done that. I was also a bit worried about reducing, rather than increasing, the value with my scrawl.

I found myself looking in a book about Bonnard this afternoon. Oh, but his work made my paintings look a bit weedy and dull. It also made me see the connection with Peter Doig in the way colour is used and the way paint is applied.

Bonnard is one of my favourite painters and someone whose work I would love to own. I cannot imagine ever getting bored of looking at a Bonnard.

A good Bonnard, obviously. I'm not putting any old Bonnard on my wall.

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