Saturday, 28 June 2008

I need answers

A busy Saturday today. I took my son to tennis this morning, then worked whilst he went to the school's summer fete. It is my deadline on Monday and I'm not going to hit it. I have killed one of the stories off - or rather I have put it into suspended animation. It needs time to make it really work, so it will end up in another book, another time. Sometimes writing is more about letting go of something than it is about the work itself. You can't afford to be precious.

I dropped in to the school later just to see how it was all getting on and have a chat to John and Judith among others. In the afternoon I cycled with my son to have a piano lesson at his teacher's house on the Trumpington Road and then back for Doctor Who.

Dr Who is regenerating after being hit by a Dalek after an hilarious slow motion romantic running sequence involving him and Rose. Regenerating! It can't really mean that David Tennant is leaving can it? Why can't Catherine Tate regenerate? And what has happened to Billy Piper's voice since she's been in the parallel world? I can hardly understand what she's saying. She seems to have twice as many teeth. I need answers and I need them now.

Off to Coventry cathedral tomorrow for Clive Hogger's ordination.

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