Friday, 6 June 2008

Don't buy a house

I went to the studio today and did some more work on my paintings. They are at a very frustrating phase - they look good enough that there is something to spoil, but not good enough to leave them alone and call them finished.

My book is all there now - in that it has a beginning, middle and an end - but it has holes and thin patches. It needs some fine tuning.

I went for a drink the other night with John Clark at The Eagle pub here in Cambridge, where RAF pilots used to drink during the WWII and sign their names with lighters on the ceiling - as you do. We talked about work - paid and unpaid. We talked a lot about illustration and freelancing. It was odd to talk about it as it was something I worked so hard at not long ago, and now barely do at all. And it feels weird not to do it sometimes. It feels weird not to draw for a living.

There was a great headline on the New Statesman today - Don't Buy a House! The advice was not to buy a house for the foreseeable future as house prices are set to tumble. And as we are renting and have sold our old house, we ought to be laughing - maniacally, stroking a Persian cat.

But oh how I long to get my stuff out of storage and to have a shower and to have a cutlery drawer where the knob doesn't come off in your hand. Renting is rubbish.

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