Monday, 23 June 2008


I went to the studio this morning and saw John briefly. He was working on one of his drawings on his laptop and in the space of about five minutes explained how to use part of Photoshop that is going to really help me I think. I have never been trained in Photoshop and I just about get by. I may be picking John's brains again.

I did quite a bit of work this morning. I have been a little intimidated by my paintings lately - frightened of spoiling the good things about them and not replacing them with anything better - but today I just decided to get some more paint on the canvas. Sometimes you just have to do something. I once saw a great piece of graffiti. It just said 'Do'. That was all. Do. If I was going to have a motto, that would be a good one.

In the afternoon I was working on Tales from the Tunnel's Mouth. I am going through the whole book sharpening the writing. I think I need to get a draft printed off and actually read it through out loud. Tweaking on the computer can become a bit of a black hole. I think it adds to the feeling that everything is still in flux - which I like up to a point. But eventually I need to see it on paper. That's when it starts to feel like it's out in the real world and not still in my head.

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