Saturday, 7 June 2008

David Beckham and Doctor Who

Played football with my son today. It gave us a chance to try out his new football - given a gift after a visit with his school to the David Beckham Soccer Academy earlier in the week.

We watched a bit of the crazy opening ceremony for Euro 2008 - why oh why do the host nations feel they have to present some tacky performance based on visual cliches about their country? It is always rubbish - but rarely rubbish enough enough to be be funny for more than a couple of minutes.

Then we watched Doctorr Who which has been pretty awful this season. That said - this one wasn't bad (though it had far too much Scooby Doo running about and the music is always too loud). It had some good scares - my son actually jumped off the sofa at one point - and there was a bit of depth to the idea (helped by it being spread over two weeks).

And if anyone from the BBC is reading this Blog - I WOULD LOVE TO WRITE FOR DOCTOR WHO!

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