Sunday, 8 June 2008

I hate flies

More football today - playing and watching. It was actually sunny today. And hot! What's going on? It was almost as if it was summer.

The house is full of flies. England borrows all kinds of ideas and fads from the States, but for some reason we have overlooked the screen door concept. Here we just open the doors and let every flying insect in the vicinity into the house for supper. And I hate flies.

I found myself looking at Brad Holland's website over the weekend - I was recommending him to John Clark. I don't like everything he does, by a long way, and he possibly takes himself a little too seriously, but he knocks the spots off his countless imitators and he really does have something special about him. I can't think of many illustrators in this country capable of that kind of gravitas.

Maybe illustrators here don't take themselves seriously enough.


  1. If you have a guinea pig ranch by the back door you get a double helping of flies! When there is nothing to distract you on the tv, you can have hours of fun chasing flies.

  2. A guinea pig ranch? And 'fun' and 'flies' must never be seen in the same sentence.