Monday, 16 June 2008

Am I bovvered?

After moaning about the quality of Doctor Who episodes this season, there was an excellent one this week, written by Russell T Davies. We didn't watch it on Saturday because of the football, but caught it on BBC iPlayer yesterday.

It was very like a Twilight Zone or Outer Limits episode and was all about the quality of the acting involved. There were almost no special effects and we never saw the monster. And because it was all about the quality of acting, Catherine Tate was inexplicably left back at the space hotel.

The script was sharp and the acting was great (the only clanging note was when Leslie Sharp - who was brilliant otherwise - practically shouted the word 'she' when talking about her ex, just so we would get the point that she was an inter-galactic lesbian - oooooooh!).

It was quality stuff though, right down to the almost subliminal appearance by Rose in the white noise on a TV screen for a brief moment. Doctor Who is at its best when it takes itself seriously - not when it is trying to be funny or camp.

I am probably not going to get a go at writing Doctor Who now after criticising Catherine Tate's acting ability am I, but look at me - am I bovvered?

Well, maybe a bit.

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