Thursday, 15 May 2008

Spooky stories

I cycled over to the studio today, riding past the areas I had photographed in winter and am busy basing paintings on. They look so incredibly different now, with waist high nettles and misty drifts of cow parsley.

Again, I was painting over work I had done the day before. This may seem crazy written down, but it hopefully makes sense visually. I want the process I have gone through to show in the finished piece. I want the ghost of the previous versions to come through. The subject matter is not completely inconsequential - it should read as a particular kind of landscape - but it's all about the paint and the painting (the act of painting that is). For me anyway. It is a world away from illustration.

Speaking of which. . .

I got an email from Rachel Boden at Egmont today. I illustrated a book by Gillian Cross some time ago - The Monster from Underground - and it is being re-issued with a couple of other stories under the provisional title of Spooky Stories. She had been trying to contact me at my previous address and is going to send me a copy of the cover when she has it. It is out in September. Below is one of my illustrations.

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