Saturday, 10 May 2008

Mortar boards and burnt flesh

There was one of those extraordinary clashes of town and gown in Cambridge today, with queues of scholars in black, ermine-trimmed robes sweltering outside the Senate House whilst hordes of young men trouped by, stripped to the waists, lobster pink.

Why is that Englishmen have to throw off all their clothes at the first rays of sunshine. Some have the body to get away with it, but most don't. For every Adonis there is a score of Bacchus (or should that be Bacchi?). Put it away. It's not nice and it's not clever.

And litter has now replaced swallows as the first sign of summer. A moraine of plastic sandwich packaging and salad containers and water bottles drifts across every area of open ground. There is broken glass form beer bottles and pint glasses near every pub. The ugliness seems even greater somehow, set against the beauty of a place like Cambridge

I suddenly feel very, very old. I think I shall lie down for a while and listen to the wireless.

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