Thursday, 8 May 2008

More doodling

I popped round to see my friend Anne Cunningham this morning. She was having problem with her blog and asked me for help. I wasn't much use, but it was good to see her. We shared a studio together here in Cambridge for a while and I miss our putting the world to rights conversations.

Anne has a background in textile design and used to rent a studio in the same building as me in Shoreditch many years ago when I was working as an illustrator. She built up and ran her own design agency for years and is now having a lot of success locally with her paintings. You can see them by clicking on the link to her website.

When I got back there was a big box of books from Doodled Books. Doodled Books got in touch with me via this blog. They get authors to doodle in their books and then sell them. It is a step up from signed first editions I suppose and I like the idea. All I have to do now is get myself in a doodling frame of mind and hope I don't ruin the books.

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