Saturday, 24 May 2008

Mad men

I drove my wife and son to the station today. They are bound for Somerset and a week's holiday with my mother-in-law. I on the other hand, have been left alone to write my latest book - Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's Mouth.

Infuriatingly, I video-taped the wrong channel like some gizmo-phobic wrinkly and missed last week's Mad Men, and so caught up with it on the BBC's iPlayer. I don't like watching things on the computer. Some of the boring connotations of computers leak into my viewing and tend to deaden whatever I am watching. That and the fact that I have to sit in my office in my boring office chair.

It says much about Mad Men, that it was still as engaging as ever. It is by far and away the best thing on TV and just about makes up for the loss of the The Sopranos. I understand that we do not have the resources in the UK to make anything with such high production values, but why is it that we can't make anything this grown up or ambitious in terms of writing? Unless it wears a bonnet and rides in a carriage.


  1. Chris, you need a new chair, try for inspiration! Mardi

  2. You are so right - I shall have to order an Egg Chair and Foot Rest immediately.