Wednesday, 21 May 2008

We don't want to have to stitch it back on, do we?

I went to the closing party for Heffers in the Grafton Centre in Cambridge last night. There were lots of people there, which was great, but it was a bit sad to see all those empty shelves as they sell their stock off. It is their last day tomorrow. Kate Johnson received a well-deserved round of applause. But maybe we should all have bought more books there instead of just coming to the events!

I had a long chat to Peter Kirkham about music and mentioned that I had a bit of a thing about New York bands - which I do. He suggested I do a blog about that. Hmmm. Maybe. He also claimed to be amazed at the coincidence of meeting Will Hill - this from a man who I met by chance (at Heffers come to think of it) and who turned out to have gone to my school in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (though much later)

I had another trip to the dentist this morning. The hygienist gave me an anaesthetic jab in the lower jaw, which numbs the gums (a bit) and the tongue. Because you lose sensation in the tongue for a few hours you have to be careful not to bite it (we don't want to have to stitch it back on do we?). She said, 'If you find yourself choking....'

Then she just trailed off. I never did discover what to do if I find myself cho..k...k..ack....klaah...

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