Sunday, 4 May 2008

I used to work at the Economist. . .

But I'm alright now.

I went to a black tie dinner tonight as a guest of a very clever friend of mine called Mardi Dungey, standing in (if such a thing were possible) for her husband Ross. Dr Dungey is an economist. The dinner was at the Judge School of Business Studies, which is a zany redevelopment of a hospital, with a massive atrium and lots of colour like the inside of an Egyptian temple - the inside of a Playmobile Egyptian temple.

Mardi introduced me to everyone by saying I was a children's author, but then followed it up with, 'and he used to work as a cartoonist for the Economist'. Now this indeed true: I worked at the Economist for six years between 1990 and 1996 (when it was still in black and white and George Bush's dad was in the White House). My good friend Dave Simonds still works there - as well as doing the political cartoon in the New Statesman. But I never - ever - thought working at the Economist would win me any kudos. I guess I haven't been to enough dinners with economists. Or then again. . .

The food was great and we had a laugh. Mardi was great company and we're going to miss her and Ross when she goes back to Tasmania. She keeps threatening to try and find me a writer in residence deal down there. I hope she does. I like the sound of Tasmania.

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