Friday, 23 May 2008

And on guitar. . .

I went to the studio today and did some work on my paintings. I have put the four I have been working on to one side and am working on another four. They are going OK. I may even take some photos and post them on my blog. Maybe.

I went for a coffee with my studio mates Andrew and Lynette and had a real freelancers chat about the funny old ways of clients and how in almost every conceivable case, we knew best. We also talked about the illustrators Alan Adler and Ed Briant, both of whom I used to share studio space with in the 1980s - the same badly-lit Bloomsbury basement I shared with Andrew Ellis. Lynette - who is a graphic designer - shared studio space with them later at a different location in London. Another one of those strange coincidences that seem to be following me round at the moment.

I was at college with Alan Adler - he was on the MA Illustration course at Manchester when I was on the BA. We shared houses together both in Manchester and London and were briefly in a band while still at college in the late 70s (he on drums, me on guitar) that never performed. Which was probably just as well, thinking about it.

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