Sunday, 6 April 2008


There wolf!

We have been having a bit of a wolf-fest in this house of late. My son read Jack London's Call of the Wild recently and loved it, and no sooner had he finished than a movie version of White Fang appeared in the TV listings. It was 1991 and Disney, so expectations were not great, but it turned out to be nicely done with a young Ethan Hawke as Jack Conroy and Klaus Maria Brandauer, no less, as Alex Larson.

Then today there was a David Attenborough programme about a wolf-hunter turned naturalist and hunter, Ernest Thompson Seton who wrote a story about a wolf called Lobo he tracked and killed (though later hugely regretting the fact). The story comes from a book called Wild Animal I Have Known, published in 1898. Seton became a huge influence on the boy scout movement in America, but was in fact born in the north-east of England, in South Shields in 1860. He emigrated to Canada as a child and only became a US citizen in 1931.

And lastly, on Chris Riddell's recommendation, my son is now reading Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver and is enjoying it enormously. It is a pre-historical novel, set in northern Europe in the age of hunter-gatherers. It is part of a series entitled (adopt deep, gravelly, movie-trailer American accent here) Chronicles of Ancient Darkness.

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