Friday, 25 April 2008


I saw my friend Joad Raymond at the school gates today. One of the things I most enjoy about talking to him is how quickly my woefully thin knowledge is exhausted. It makes me smile. I can keep up with him for about thirty seconds and then I am floundering. I like that feeling actually. I'd rather be out of my depth than paddling.

Joad is working on a book about angels. We talked about the Garden of Eden, about Eve, about Satan and he told me about seraphim and how they cover the blinding brilliance of their bodies with their three pairs of wings.

He left me with the words, 'I just have Genesis and Hell to do and then I'm done.' There are not many people who start their working day saying that.


  1. Are you referring to THE Joad Raymond, who tutored Stanford students at Oxford in '90?

    I was one of his stupid American pupils. Unfortunately, I only understood half of what he said, because 1) he was way too learned for me, and 2) way too good-looking. Seriously, he was like the Welsh Johnny Depp. It distracts a girl. But he was very nice and even gave me a second chance on a crummy paper I wrote. Wish him all the best for me.

    I came across your blog while Googling all my old Oxford cohorts, but now I'm heading to Amazon to buy your books. So you can tell your publisher your blog is a marketing success!

  2. Hi - sorry, I hadn't even noticed this comment. Yes indeed it is he. In fact it was Joad who directed me to this comment when I saw him the other evening. The Welsh Johnny Depp, eh? I like that. Hope you enjoyed the books (assuming you did actually buy them)