Monday, 14 April 2008

The oldie

I was sent an offer of subscription to The Oldie magazine on Saturday - the cheek of it! Junk mail is bad enough, without actually being taunted by it. But I suppose that is what I have to look forward to - leaflets on hearing aids, stair lifts and cruises.

I have been wondering - as anyone reading this may also wonder - what is this blog exactly? Is it a journal? Is it a column? Is it a chance for me to blather on about whatever flits into my head? Well - I suppose it is all these things at some point - as well as a shameless opportunity for self-publicity. But is there a theme? Is some kind of form looming out of the chaos?

Possibly. It does after all reflect my taste and my taste does lean toward the weird and wonderful, the strange, the uncanny - the macabre. I was thinking that perhaps the blog should have a name that says that.


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