Monday, 7 April 2008

I like to make something every day

I don't often read the This Much I Know feature in the Guardian magazine supplement on Saturdays. I am seldom interested enough in the person involved to bother. In any case, I have an aversion to these interviews reformatted as a series of bold statements.

But for some reason I did look this week. It was Kyle MacLachlan of Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks fame. There was one line in particular that caught my eye:

I like to make something every day, whether it's a film, a cake or a piece of furniture.

Isn't that great? What a fantastic principle to live by.


  1. Bloody hell! Excuse my language. A cake I can except, but a piece of furniture and a film? I find it hard enough to make the house look like it hasn't been ransacked! I agree it is a good philosophy. Does thinking about making something every day count?

  2. I don't think he was suggesting doing all three every day Peter. I think it was just a call to be creative in some way - even small way. And making thoughts definitely counts.