Sunday, 20 April 2008

Death and the Arrow print

The only element of the cover I had any part in was an insistence that there should be at least some kind of visual element. In this cover it is a coloured version of an image I saw years ago in a Dover Book of eighteenth century prints.

There was something about that image that grabbed me. There seemed to be so much going on in that small, crudely drawn picture of the man oblivious to the pointing figure of Death behind him, ready to strike him down with an arrow.

The whole story of Death and the Arrow came out of that one image - or at least that was where the story began. I'm often asked where I get my ideas from, and it is one of the hardest questions to answer succinctly. The fact is, they come from everywhere and from everything you have ever seen of experienced. Sometimes they even come from a curious image like this one.

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