Wednesday, 23 April 2008

A day of doodling

I must have drawn a hundred heads today. When I was a cartoonist working for newspapers, I did at least one drawing every day. I'm a bit rusty and it takes me a bit longer to get going. Here are a few heads I came up with.

And in a bored moment I did this drawing of Will Self. It really is no more than a doodle, but it does have something of Self about it - I like the drawing anyway. I was a caricaturist for many years and always found it frustrating. Getting a likeness at short notice can be torture, but it is the more the fact that I seldom did a caricature that I liked as a drawing.

The masters of caricature - like David Levine say - always manage to produce something that is actually interesting as a drawing as well as absolutely nailing the likeness. So often caricatures do neither.

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