Wednesday, 26 March 2008


There was a discussion about the merits of the landscape around Cambridge as we walked to Grantchester on Monday. It can seem a bit dull at first glance. The flatness doesn't appeal to everybody, though Judith, who is Swiss, made the point that mountains can be claustrophobic. Judith likes the view. So do I.

I like hills. Despite having a fear of heights, I like hill-walking because of the view it affords. Flatlands like Cambridge (and Norfolk where we lived for over ten years before moving here) are strangely the only places that give a similiar open sense of being able to see all the way to the horizon. You get an amazing view: not of the land, but of the sky. It makes you lift your head up.

And that can't be bad can it?


  1. I find the flatlands a bit dull,but I think that this is down to the sterilized habitats/landscape of Cambridgeshire. However, Grantchester Meadows does offer relief from the town without needing to take to the car.It is wildlife friendly, timeless and I never tire of walks through it. If it's good enough for Pink Floyd it's good enough for me!

  2. The river between Newnham and Grantchester is fantastic. All the more reason why we mustn't allow those motorised punts!

  3. I second and third that motion!!!
    That stretch of river should be kept quiet.