Monday, 17 March 2008

The right hand of doom

And so from Robert E Howard we arrive at Mike Mignola and Hellboy. Not only has Mike Mignola knowingly borrowed the title from Robert E Howard, but he has also drawn Conan who has had a rebirth in Dark Horse Comics who also publish Hellboy.

I am a huge fan of Mike Mignola. I like my comic books to have well crafted, punchy drawings. I don't want multi-layed arthouse nonsense. I don't want collage. I want something that I can actually read. Mignola's work is so well-designed. He is a great storyteller. Everybody who ever intends doing a graphic novel should have a look at one of his pages - many of which carry little or no text at all.

There is a lot of talk about graphic novels and Manga (yawn) in the UK at the moment - though mostly by people who would never be seen dead actually buying a comic book. Mostly they just don't get what comics are about and the results are just plain poor. If only we had someone like Mike Mignola here to show them how it's done.


  1. It's interesting to see what comic writers and artists you like. I have just started reading 'The Umbrella Academy',story by Gerard Way and drawn by Gabriel Ba.It's a Dark Horse six issue mini series.

  2. Don't know anything about The Umbrella Academy. I shall have to check that out.

    And sorry I haven't replied to your comments, Peter - I've only just figured out how to do it!