Sunday, 9 March 2008

I need a sillier name

I am still getting over the shock news that my blog is not among the 50 most influential listed by the Observer magazine today. I have figured out that I need to make a few changes. I need to move to New York (or at least to a loft), I need to be more politically controversial, have more celebrity gossip and give the blog a sillier name. I shall give it some thought.

We went to another free concert at the Fitzwilliam Museum today. Brahms (Sonata #2 in F) and Beethoven (Sonata #2) this time. Michael Wigram on the cello. Lynn Carter on the piano. It was great actually. Lovely music, beautifully played. We got there early this time and sat closer. We sat in the front row actually. So close the cellist was practically elbowing us in the face. We could hear him take great gasping breaths as he played. This is a bit of a dull sketch of it. Apologies to Lynn Carter, whose contribution to the concert is not really mirrored in my drawing.

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