Sunday, 30 March 2008

The future is bright

We all became time travellers here in the UK last night as the clocks went forward an hour. Things seem fairly similar in this future world, except that it seems much sunnier and warmer. Next time they should make it more interesting and put the clocks forward by, say, one hundred and fifty years.

Snow last weekend, and today Cambridge was bathed in brilliant sunshine and herds of tourists wandered about in their shirt sleeves eating ice cream. Bizarre. We wandered through town, sneaking a peek into Sidney Sussex (noting the plaque telling you that Oliver Cromwell's head is buried nearby in a secret location). More of that another time.

I have decided to set myself a little project of taking photographs of details around Cambridge - architectural details, door numbers, stone carving, sculptures, that kind of thing. The details of a place fascinate me for some reason. I have a vast array of fire hydrant photographs from a holiday in New England and far too many pictures of door knockers.


  1. Go to 'Portlandground',a photo blog with lots of pics from in and around Portland USA. You will also find a fellow fire hydrant enthusiast.

  2. I'll have to check those out. But now I've said that it seems just a little bit weird and wrong to be looking at someone else's fire hydrant photos