Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Are you sitting uncomfortably?

I went to St John's College School here in Cambridge yesterday and talked to some very well-behaved, attentive and enthusiastic children. It is impossible to predict how school visits will go, but this one was a real treat and I look forward to being invited back.

I was there all day and gave four sets of talks and readings and my voice was sounding creepier and creepier as the day went by and I got more and more hoarse.

I particularly enjoyed seeing the look of utter astonishment on the faces of the listening children as they realised that the children in Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror tend not to escape their fate. It also brought back one of those half-forgotten memories of sitting on the hard wooden school hall floor until the blood supply was cut off to your legs.

I was invited by Barbera Lonergan the librarian, and she told me that the boarders were reading the book as a very inappropriate bedtime story. It made me smile.


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