Monday, 4 February 2008

Where I draw

Having glimpsed the messy bedroom office in which I write, come with me now as I cycle across Cambridge to my studio (you can sit on the handlebars - watch out for the bell!). I try to take this journey at a reasonable speed as it is now almost the only excercise I take, although if it's a nice day and I have my camera with me, I may stop and take photographs on the way (see foot of page).

My studio is in the upper floor of a little community of buildings and sheds, housing all kinds of enterprises, from second-hand furniture to web design. My space is quite small. The light is not bad but the ceiling is very low and there is no water (except for the stand pipe outside and the leak in the roof). I have a desk, a plan chest, an easel, assorted boxes full of paints and brushes and so on, some books, ink, pens, rulers and pencils. It is considerably tidier than my office, but that is not saying much.

I share this space with John Clark who works in computer games but is also (really) a painter. He is doing a series of oil paintings featuring big men with no clothes on. I may show one or two on this blog over the next weeks if he lets me. On the other side of a partition wall are Andrew and Lynette who are both graphic designers. Paint on one side of the wall, Apple Macs on the other.

As for me, I am filling a sketchbook with all kinds of things, including the drawings of skateboarders below. I have also just purchased twenty small canvases and yesterday began to paint on two of them. I have not painted in years. It felt great; like remembering how good mangos taste after not eating one for ages.

And I work until five or so and then cycle back - in the dark at the moment - and remind myself again how I really must buy a helmet and stop listening to Peter Bjorn and John on my iPod instead of listening for killer cars. Sometimes I stop off in the centre of Cambridge to buy food or art supplies or turn my books face out in Watersones or stand with the other comic book geeks in Borders. Mainly I do it so I can cycle past Kings College Chapel and think how lucky I am to be able to see that building any time I want.

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