Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Payne's Grey

A few blogs back I mentioned that my routine of writing in the morning and drawing/painting/illustrating in the afternoon was different on Tuesdays because I had to be back so that I can be around to do an art club at my son's school. I also mentioned that it is the day I deliver my strip to the New Statesman.

The strip is called Payne's Grey and features a different character each week (named after a small village somewhere in Britain). I draw the faces in pen or with a brush depending on what mood I'm in, then scan them in and drop them into a framework I made in Photoshop. I then type in the text and colour them in.

There is no theme exactly. Someone once said of another strip of mine that it went A-B-K rather than A-B-C. I took it as a great compliment. Here is last week's. . .


  1. Hello Chris

    My name is Cuan Glass and I am the periodicals librarian at Rondebosch Library in Cape Town, South Africa. I think Payne's Grey is absolutely brilliant! It is the funniest comic strip I have ever read and I find myself looking forward to each new edition of New Statesman because of it. I was wondering whether you have any plans to publish a collected edition of the strip. I would certainly buy it and consider it a rare treasure. My email address is mithras@telkomsa.net
    Please feel free to contact me if you have the time or inclination.

  2. Hi Cuan. I clearly don't review my comments enough as I have only just spotted this one. I'm very pleased to hear you like Payne's Grey but my attempts to get it published in book form have failed.