Monday, 18 February 2008


As well as being an author and illustrator, I also paint. I bought myself a stack of small canvases recently and I have begun two paintings based on the bit of land called Sheep's Green that I pass every time I go into town. The ground is often flooded and is studded with trees; most of them ancient willows, most of them pollarded.

After years of being an illustrator, where content was everything and meaning had to be clear and easily understood, I tend to shy away from those kinds of concerns when I paint. The subject matter is just a way of getting started. After that it becomes about colour and texture. I can get very excited about the quality of the edges of these area of colour. I paint for no one but myself (though I do occasionally show my work - and sell it even, sometimes).

But now that I illustrate only rarely and no longer do the kind of tricksy, idea-based stuff I used to churn out for magazines and newspapers (when I painted to keep myself sane), the notion of actually having some kind of subject matter or content in my paintings is starting to appeal to me. Either way, I shall put some examples up on the blog to show what I am doing.

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