Tuesday, 12 February 2008

More on Stephen King

I think I should have pointed out a few blogs back, that before I read On Writing I had never actually read a Stephen King book. I had a friend at college who always seemed to have a Stephen King on the go and I can see myself giving him a withering, pitying look as I worked my way through Satre's Roads to Freedom trilogy. The fact is, I had - and still do have - an aversion to gold embossed lettering and airbrushed illustration. Plus I am not a joiner and Stephen King seemed like a club; a cult even. OK - I was a snob.

But however much of a snob I may have been about his books, I had enjoyed his stories as screenplays: Carrie, Stand By Me, The Shining, Misery. I suppose that is why I read On Writing. Someone who tells such good stories must have something worthwhile to say about writing. After all, you can't judge a writer by his covers. And there is nothing wrong with being popular. Dickens was popular. In fact now I do the job myself, being popular seems strangely appealing.

On Writing was so interesting (and well written) - and I liked Stephen King so much by the end - that I went out and bought Misery (a story which King says he dreamt in its entirety on a flight to England). But I am afraid it did not make me a convert, despite being a very nicely packaged edition devoid of embossing or cheesy illustration. The movie had spoiled it for me, I think. I preferred the paired down screenplay to the novel, even though I could appreciate Stephen King's gift as a writer. And because of that I will certainly give him another try. Not that I suspect he cares one way or the other.

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