Sunday, 3 February 2008

The joy of sketchbooks

My bed/sofa/cistern-side book at the moment is Chris Ware's facsimile sketchbook, notebook and journal published as The Acme Novelty Library Diary 1996-2000 by Drawn & Quarterly. I am not sure I could have a meaningful relationship with anyone who did not think Chris Ware was just a bit brilliant. If you do not own any of his books, go and buy one now.

I thought that maybe I might start posting the odd page from my sketchbook just to give another angle on what I do and how I go about things. My sketchbook is not as funny as Chris Ware's and I do not go in for his 'notes to self' - like 'I SUCK!' and 'Jesus CHRIST I need to learn how to DRAW!' - even though those thoughts do pop into my head occasionally (or perhaps that should be often).

For reasons I can not completely explain, I have been doing drawings of skateboarders (without their boards).

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  1. love the skateboarders! I think you should make the posting of your sketches a regular thing. When I used to do a lot of birding I always loved to peer over birders' shoulders as they sketched in the field. These had the same energy as your skater drawings. Lots of rapid sketches to capture the essence, the 'jizz' of the bird. Other people's sketch books are really interesting. Maybe you should take your students out into the field?