Monday, 28 January 2008

More tales of terror

Of course, a big part of this blog is going to involve shamelessly plugging whatever I'm involved in at any given time. So - what am I up to at the moment? Well, for a lot of last year I was working on the sequel to Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror and it is now at the fine tuning stage. This book - Tales of Terror from the Black Ship - will come out in October, at the same time as Uncle Monty goes into paperback.

The new book features a mysterious seafaring storyteller and the tales all have a nautical flavour. There is more outright horror in this book. If M R James was the main inspiration for Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror, the Black Ship owes more to Edgar Allen Poe.

The book will once again be illustrated by David Roberts, who did such a fantastic job on Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror. My editor at Bloomsbury - Helen Szirtes - sent me the rough for the cover the other day and the book is going to look great. I will keep you posted on how Tales of Terror from the Black Ship progresses and give you an early glimpse of the finished cover when I get it.

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