Thursday, 31 January 2008

How I write

Having written a little about where I write, perhaps it might be a good point to describe how I write. This is my routine. . .

Every morning, unless I'm away from home for some reason, I walk my son to school - or nearly to school as these days he is eager to ditch me at the end of the street. I say hello to any of the parents I know and then pick up my paper. I make a pot of coffee and drink a cup with my wife before we head off to our different rooms and different jobs (she is a textile designer). By now, it is about 9.30 am.

The next half hour is taken up with various kinds of dithering and displacement activities - looking at my emails and replying if necessary, looking at the post, Googling things, and now, looking at my own blog just to check I have not written anything too stupid.

But by 10 am I am usually writing something. I write at a PC. I wish I could type but I am pretty quick with two index fingers. I have all kinds of shortcuts on my desktop to files containing anything I might have rattling round in my brain. I am usually working on at least two things at the same time.

I carry on writing with the odd break for tea and emails until 12. I do a word count when I start and feel happy if I head past one thousand words. Most days I do. Some days it might be two thousand. Or even three. Then I stop for lunch.

After lunch I now draft a little of my blog and then get on my bike and head off across Cambridge to the studio I share with two graphic designers and a painter. Here I have all my drawing and painting gear, my sketchbooks and so on. But more of that another time. . .

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